Talk About Sex Before Getting Married.

How much sex do you have? How many times a week do you want it? What is long sex to you? Can we talk about the sex we had last night? These and more are questions I believe that people who wants to get married should ask themselves. Sex is one of the most important ingredients in marriage. I’ll put it on par with money and respect, way before love ( whatever that means on it’s singular context ) A lot of marriages don’t survive the first ten years due to bad sex, irregular sex, one minute sex or one hour sex. If people who are having issues in their marriages will be truthful to themselves and others, you’ll find out that most of the issues in marriages are either because of sex, money or respect with sex being the issue on the front burner. A lot of married women are terrible at sex. Scratch that. A lot of women are terrible at sex. I therefore believe that the average married man is undersexed in his home especially when the couple start having children. This is not universal of course, they are exceptions. A lot of married men are selfish during sex, lemme rephrase, most men are selfish during sex. For them, it’s about two things. Their satisfaction and their ego. If both are sated, they are good irrespective of the mood of their partner. This is why talking about sex before and in marriage is extremely important. Women need to understand that sex is a two way thing, you give and you take. Lying down on the bed like a log, moaning like a zombie wouldn’t inspire anyone, not even Pastor Wilson. You need to participate during sex, you need to work for your orgasms, you need to ride for your climax. Stop expecting him to do all the work else he’ll be chasing only his release which will make him last either too short or too long for you. Men on the other hand should learn to be open to honest advise. Men are lucky in the sense that either way, we’ll always cum but it’s important to understand that women are not a vessel for us to achieve our orgasms, they are an active participant in the orgasms chasing venture and as such should be carried along with their opinion not only to be heard but to be put into serious use. Dear women, talk more.
Dear men, listen more It baffles me then how people go into marriages without having a sexual knowledge of themselves. What if you are someone who likes a 5 minutes sex, once a week and you marry me that loves 30 minutes sex, twice daily. Why won’t you feel oversexed?
Why won’t I look for another woman outside? Faithfulness and loyalty no dey for this one o!
I go fuck your umunna join. What am I saying? People should talk about sex before getting married. Fuck yourselves at least 10 ( TEN ) before saying ” I do” Be sure that you are sexually compatible. It’s not only his blood group, his bank account and his family madness history that you need to check. Check the size of his dick too! Okwa Maka ” please hide my identity”

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